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Casinos in Canada are trying, especially nowadays, to come up with new bonuses and promotions and to attract customers. The 500 C$o casino bonus is just another bonus in this illustrious series that is intended to lure customers into their own halls. But what is this bonus anyway, where is it offered and is it worth playing or registering in a 500 casino actually?

👉 What to do about the casino 500% bonus should know

Before you decide whether it is worth re-registering at such a German casino, you must first know what this promotion is and how it works. We have briefly listed the most important facts about this.

How does the Casino Bonus 500 work I agree?

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A casino bonus of 500% is applied to the deposit. Usually such a high bonus only applies to the first deposit that is made in the respective casino. Often this bonus is therefore also given as a welcome bonus. In short, this means that the first deposit at participating casinos is increased by up to 500%. So if you deposit C$ 100, for example, you can get a 500 percent bonus with the online casino Play with C$ 500 - a huge sum with a relatively small deposit.

Casino bonus 500% restrictions

However, there are some restrictions. For example, every gambling hall has a maximum deposit amount for the bonuses, which is usually C$ 200. So if you deposit more than C$ 100, you will still only receive the 500% bonus for the first C$ 100. There is also a restriction on the so-called wagering amount - the amount that you can get in the 500 bonus online casino must bet before withdrawing; but more on that later.

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🔍 Where can you get the 500% casino bonus find and how to get it?

To get the bonus you just have to follow a few steps. We have briefly listed them here:

how do i get 500 bonus
  • First you have to find the right German casino. We have listed some casinos in our list that offer a casino bonus of 500 C$os to offer. So take your time and find the best casino for yourself.
  • Once you have found the right casino, you have to register. Most providers do this very quickly; all you need is an email address and your own password that you can use to log in.
  • Once the account is confirmed, you can then make a payment and receive the bonus. But read the bonus terms and conditions beforehand so that you know about a possible maximum deposit amount or other conditions.
  • After the deposit you should then get the online casino 500 bonus can receive and use quickly.

⭕ How to get the 500% casino bonus take off?

Now you have deposited a lot of money and got even more back in the German casino. Depositing C$ 100 in order to play with C$ 500 is very lucrative and a lot of fun. But what now - can you simply withdraw the money or are there certain betting limits that you should pay attention to?

Casino 500 bonus betting limits

Of course, such a big bonus comes with a little catch - the so-called betting limit. This means that after receiving a bonus you have to wager a certain amount of money before you can even withdraw winnings.

The betting limit differs from casino to casino. So it is not as if you can get 500 C$os for free at Casino Classic would receive; you have to wager the money multiple times. If the betting limit in a gambling hall is 10x, then you have to wager 5000 C$os before a payout can be made.

In short, this means one thing: either you are very lucky at the game and win enough to bet a large amount, or you have to deposit more money in the future. Of course, customer loyalty is the ultimate goal. Nevertheless: in the German casino you can earn a lot of money with such a high bonus if you are a little lucky; and if you are already interested in a casino, the online casino is a 500 percent bonus even more attractive.

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Available payment methods in the 500 Bonus Online Casino

There are many different payment methods available in modern casinos - for example, in Canada there are credit cards, PayPal, Skrill, Neteller or Paysafecard. Each casino uses slightly different payment methods, which are usually listed at the bottom of the main page.

💸 Casino bonuses with different percentages

In addition to the 500% bonus in a casino, there are also other percentages in Canada. There are also casinos with a bonus of 100%, 200%, 300% and 400%. These come with a lower total value that can be used to play, in contrast to the casino offer a 500% bonus but also a lower betting limit.

❓ Questions and answers on the topic of 500 C$ Casino Bonus

🤔 Does the 500% bonus even exist??

Of course - even if this bonus is rather rare compared to lower percentages, you can find it here and there and receive it in the German 500 casino.

🤩 How many casinos offer such a high bonus?

Only a few casinos offer such a high bonus. Check out our list above to find the casinos currently offering a Casino 500 bonus.

☝ Can I withdraw money without betting?

Unfortunately not - the betting limit prevents that in German gambling halls. You first have to bet a certain amount - usually 10x or 20x as much as the actual amount that you received with the bonus.

⚖️ Which is better - a percentage bonus or match bonus?

The more money you deposit, the more attractive a percentage bonus also becomes in the 500% casino bonus offer. For smaller quantities, however, a match bonus is a little more attractive.