Visa online casinos in Canada

Offers, games and online casinos as far as the eye can see. The virtual world of the casino is becoming more and more widespread in Canada. Germans now enjoy pursuing their hobby from home. Therefore it is important for the players to get the best conditions. Among other things, one of the most important criteria when choosing the ideal online casino is the right payment method.

All known online casinos therefore offer a large selection of different and, above all, secure payment methods. A very popular one of these is the Visa credit card.

List of the best Visa online casinos

As a table game, the term is used to separate games of chance such as blackjack, craps, roulette and baccarat, which are played against the online casino with several live croupiers, from other games such as slot machines or games with other players (such as standard poker).

To name the best Visa casino in Canada is rather difficult, as most of the criteria have to be selected individually by the players. There are already numerous German casinos that accept a deposit with Visa and you should choose a casino from these well-known ones. Please note the new regulations from May 2020, because the German federal government is trying to abolish payments with Visa and credit cards and many online casinos have already removed this payment method from their lists.

Casinos with Visa credit card

Some popular casino names that appear in the German online casino area are the following: Caxino, Rabona, Wildz and the well-known 888Casino. These offer the Visa credit card as a payment method and the minimum deposit is around C$ 10.

Payment options at online casinos with Visa

The casinos that accept Visa are no longer so easy to find in Canada, as many have already been banned. But the Visa card service is still popular.

Various Visa services

First, you need to get a credit card. This is usually done easily in your bank, but you have to be aware that additional fees may apply. With this card you can not only top up your account balance in the online casino, but also have the opportunity to make numerous other purchases on the Internet as well as in business.

However, this payment method is very practical and safe in online casinos. The German casinos with Visa are also very popular with players, as the payments can be processed easily.

Types of Visa credit card

As with the Mastercards, the Visa card also offers different types in Canada:

  • Visa base (debit card) - works on a credit basis. After you have loaded a credit onto the card, you can use it to make purchases and top up your account balance for online games
  • Visa Standard (credit card) - is accepted as a cashless payment method all over the world. After the purchase you have time to transfer the amount or it will be debited from your account
  • Visa Gold (credit card) - this card includes the advantages of a standard card with included services for e.g. B. Travel. It can also be used as a Visa credit card at any online casino
  • Visa Platinum (credit card) - offers even more advantages and additional services for their owners, such as insurance and discounts, which can also be claimed at online casinos

No matter what type of credit card you have, the data is additionally checked in online casinos anyway, which also offers the players a certain level of security.

How do casino deposits work with Visa?

Visa Casino deposits can be processed easily by players via the website and their customer account. The first step is to create a customer account. With this you have to enter your data and create the account. After that, every online casino offers you the opportunity to choose between different payment methods. There you have to choose the Visa credit card as the payment method and confirm it using a TAN procedure. After the verification of the online casino, you can already make the first deposits into your account. This usually only takes a few moments and your credit is credited to your customer account. This payment method is simple and straightforward and is preferred by gamers worldwide.

How does a Visa Casino withdrawal work??

As with the Mastercards, there is a possibility that the selected casino does not offer this card as a withdrawal method. If so, you will need to choose another payment option. But if the online casino does offer this payout method, the payout, like the deposit, is relatively uncomplicated. You can have this processed in two steps:

  1. Request a withdrawal - In your customer account, depending on the appearance of the website and the provider, a field with payment options must be stored. There you select the Visa card and request your payout.
  2. Confirm your details - You will then be asked by the provider to confirm your details and the payment can then be made. However, it should be mentioned that this can take a few days compared to the Visa Casino deposits.

How long do the transactions take with this payment method?

One of the downsides to casinos using Visa as a payment method is processing times. While Visa Casino deposits only take a few minutes, players have to wait several days for Visa Casino withdrawals. With some online casinos even the payout on Visa is not offered, but you have to choose something else as the payout method.

There is a minimum deposit at the casinos?

Each online casino usually has its own criteria, but most offer a minimum deposit of C$ 10. There are even casinos in Canada that offer a minimum deposit of C$ 5. Most of the time, the maximum payout is around C$ 5000.

What are the fees at casinos with Visa?

As a rule, online casinos do not incur any additional fees for deposits or withdrawals. But to be on the safe side, this information should be taken from the websites of the providers. But there are also online casinos that even offer special bonuses if the players choose this payment method.

There is a bonus at the online casinos?

Most of the online casinos even offer an additional bonus for using Visa credit cards. The welcome bonuses usually round off the attractive offer for registration.

The most popular Visa gambling games

As soon as the players have topped up their customer account with credit, they can start playing. There are no limits to them and they can take part in all kinds of games.


Slots and gaming machines have always been popular not only with beginners, but also with long-time players. Names like: Fat Rabit, White Rabbit, Book of Dead, Starbust and Ramses Book can be found at all well-known German online casinos.

Live casino

This area has also become very popular with gamers. Here you can enjoy the real gaming experience from your living room or from the comfort of your couch. The players have the opportunity to play blackjack, roulette or poker with real dealers.

Online roulette

Online roulette is also one of the most popular games at online casinos. The players have the option of topping up their customer account with the Visa credit card and also having free rein in this area and enjoying the experiences of the German online gaming world.

Advantages and disadvantages of using the Visa card in the casino

The Visa card as a payment method in the online casino has many advantages. It is listed as one of the safest payment methods, as the data is always carefully checked from all sides. Likewise, in almost all cases there are no additional fees and the deposits are made in a few minutes. The data of the players are secured and additionally encrypted by the most modern technologies. Another advantage of this payment method are the offers and generous bonuses of the providers, which additionally reward the players.

There are actually not that many drawbacks to this payment method. However, some of these are that not everyone can own a credit card. A credit check is always carried out by the bank. There is also the possibility of losing track of your expenses. Not every bank allows credit card payments in the online casino. Another disadvantage is the fees that some providers may incur.


Can players in Canada use Visa as a payment method??

Unfortunately, since May 2020, some things have changed with regard to the Visa payment method in Canada. The federal government is trying to abolish Visa and Mastercard as payment methods, so that it is becoming increasingly difficult to find German online casinos that still accept this payment method.

How safe is it to use Visa as a payment method at online casinos??

Credit cards such as Visa and Mastercard are considered to be one of the safest payment methods, as they always have to be confirmed using the TAN process and are encrypted using the latest technologies.

Do I get an additional bonus when I pay with Visa??

Many reputable online casinos actually offer a generous bonus when players choose this payment method.

Are there limits on deposits and withdrawals?

Most of the time, this information has to be taken from the website of the provider and is individually defined. But mostly there are rules in this area.

Can I change my payment method after registering an account??

Most online casinos offer their players the option of changing such data later because new information is constantly coming onto the market.

Do the casinos offer alternative payment options in addition to Visa?

Of course, the casinos also offer other payment options, provided they are available in the selected country.