Mobile casino for real money in Canada

Nowadays you are constantly on the move. Betting and gaming can also be done this way - with mobile casinos. The main advantage is literally obvious: you can instantly access the most popular slots and games with your mobile phone at any time.

How do mobile casinos work and what options are there to access your favorite games on the go?

How can you in the mobile casino play in Canada?

Online mobile casino games call

In the online casino for smartphones online gaming is also very popular on the go. All you have to do is enter the address of your favorite casino in your browser and then log in there.

Which games do you play in the online casino for your mobile phone? can play, but also depends on the provider. Unfortunately, some German online casinos do not have the function of calling up the website directly in the browser of your own mobile phone. In this case you either have to use an app or use another casino.

Mobile casino games via apps call

If you do not want to call up your own casino in the browser or if your own casino does not offer the possibility to do this, then you should try to use an app. Many German casinos now offer so-called casino smartphone apps which can usually be downloaded either from the casino site itself or from the app store on your own smartphone.

Installing these apps is generally very easy. After the installation, all you have to do is tap the application icon, enter the account details and you're ready to go. Many apps even offer free games without having to register - in the online casino for your mobile phone you cannot use real money in this case.

The perfect games for on the go in the German mobile casino


These timeless games can be played on almost any mobile phone thanks to the relatively minimal requirements. Many manufacturers in Canada now also offer their slots on mobile phones; popular examples are NetEnt or Betsoft.  Since slots take little time to play and are easy to understand, they are the perfect mobile casino games on the go.

Table games

Table games, which include card games such as poker or blackjack, as well as roulette or dice games, are ideal for traveling. They are entertaining, easy to understand and offer rules that don't change from game to game. A short game of dice or two roulette games on the way to the meeting - table games are on many iPhone cell phone casinos and Android mobile casinos available.

Games with live dealers

Live dealer games are also available in mobile casinos available in Canada. In contrast to slots and table games, however, these are a little more difficult to implement, require a constant and stable internet connection and often a little time. These games are available in many smartphone casinos, but are not suitable for short sessions.

Payment options in the mobile casino for German players

Deposit methods in mobile online casino

In the German mobile casino there is the possibility of simply depositing money in order to then receive real money in the mobile casino to be able to use. In the casino's app, the deposit methods on the smartphone are the same as on the website.

In the case of independent apps from casinos, you can deposit the casino with your mobile phone often do so on your smartphone with Google Pay or Apple Pay. Most casinos also support other payment methods such as Neteller, Skrill, Ecopayz or Paysafecard. The online casino's payment methods for mobile phones can be found on the casino website.

Withdrawal methods in mobile casino

The withdrawal methods are also the same as those available on the website of the respective casino. Online casinos for smartphones do not offer Google Pay or Apple Pay for withdrawals, as these payment methods are only available for depositing. Credit cards, Neteller, Skrill and many more are possible.

Our recommended payment methods for mobile payments in Canada

Would you like real money on your mobile phone in the online casino? use a secure payment method. Credit cards are recommended for secure payment. However, the transaction takes longer than with the other means of payment.
Online payment methods like Neteller and Skrill are casino friendly and wagering oriented. That's why they offer fast transactions between your accounts. In terms of security, one must also mention the support teams of these payment service providers who react quickly to any problem.
We also recommend that German players pay via ecoPazy. This service provider is particularly popular with C$opeans and shows great potential as a casino-friendly payment method.

Which bonuses and promotions can German players in the mobile casino Find?

What bonuses are there in the mobile online casino?

The bonuses in the German mobile casino are available, can be compared with the bonuses in normal online casinos. So there are often no special advantages for users of the mobile casino or the casino app.

There are examples: Apps that do not have an internet portal or internet casino all have their own bonuses. These range from no deposit bonuses and welcome bonuses to certain special promotions that are explained in the app.

What promotions are there in the mobile online casino?

Special promotions are often only available in German mobile casinos that are single and have no online counterpart. These are often similar to the bonuses and promotions in "real" online casinos. There are free spins for newly registered customers, bonuses on the first few deposits or special promotions in which free spins are distributed for certain slots.

Top mobile casinos with low deposit amount

An advantage of many casinos that can be used as external apps on the mobile phone is the low deposit amount. Especially if you pay with Google Pay or Apple Pay, many mobile casinos allow a much lower minimum deposit amount - usually C$ 2-5 instead of the C$ 10 required by many gambling halls.

How can you get the most reliable German mobile casino choose?

A casino optimized for mobile phones

The casino should first and foremost be optimized for the mobile phone. Above all, this means one thing: the website must also look good on mobile phones and be easy to navigate. If the casino has its own app, then one can assume in German casinos that the navigation for mobile casino apps has been adjusted.

Compare deposit and withdrawal costs

You should also compare the deposit and withdrawal costs between the apps and the online casinos. Usually these are the same, but you cannot always rely on them. Before downloading the casino smartphone apps you should read the conditions carefully.

The license of the mobile online casino check

Checking the license is especially important at casinos that only have one app. The license should be listed in the imprint or the terms and conditions. At casinos that also have an Internet presence, you can usually find them at the bottom of the website.

On which German cell phones is the mobile online casino usable?

You can use mobile online casinos and mobile casino games on almost any mobile phone. All that is important is an internet connection and enough memory to be able to install the app, if available. If you call up the website, you need an Internet browser that is up to date.

There are, however, exceptions. Most German apps are designed for cell phones from the last few years. They either do not work at all or only with restrictions on very old devices. Since the apps are almost always free, you can play the mobile casino games Try it first with no obligations.

PC or mobile casino?

It is up to the German player to decide whether to play on the PC or smartphone. The games usually look better on the PC thanks to the higher resolution, they can be controlled more easily with the mouse and the account can be easily accessed. Of course, it is a bit difficult to use the PC on the go.

 The advantage of the smartphone is that the games and the casino can be used from anywhere and many games can be accessed in demo mode. However, the games are often a bit simpler and control via mobile phone makes things more difficult.


  • Is playing in the mobile casino legal in Canada?

Yes, playing in mobile casinos is completely legal as long as the casino has a license.

  • I have fewer options on my smartphone?

No, bonuses and other promotions are usually transferred to the smartphone. The games work the same and have the same bonuses.

  • Do I need an internet connection??

Most of the time. There are a few exceptions; some slots can be used in the online casino for smartphones can be played offline in demo mode.

  • Are mobile casinos for sure?

When the casino is licensed and transactions are encrypted, the casino is considered secure. To be on the safe side, you should also read reviews from other players.

  • Can I withdraw winnings on my phone??

With most casino apps and websites, withdrawing money from a smartphone also works without any problems.