Casino Apps - The best casino apps and tips

In this day and age it is often elementary for casinos important to be reachable on the move too. You can either do that by looking at the page can simply be called up on the mobile phone, or through so-called apps that run on the Smartphone can be accessed. We give an overview of the function in the Casino Apps test.

The best German casino apps on the market

How do you get the best mobile online casino apps?

First of all, you should know that not every casino has its own app. There are casino apps with real money, in which you can practically like in the "real" Real money gambling hall can wager. However, most casinos can can actually only be called up via a PC. But how do you get one German casino app, if it is offered?

Android casino apps

There are several different ways to get casino apps on Android. The easiest and most direct way is to go directly to the website of the Go to the arcade and look for a link there. Mobile casino Apps are often hidden behind a link that leads to a download immediately - the easiest way to do this is of course if you open the page directly on the calls up your own smartphone. Some casinos also load on the Google Play Store their apps up and you can search for them there.

iOS casino apps

The same rules apply to Apple too. One can either go directly to the website of the German casino and look there look for a link or look for the name of the arcade in the Apple Store. Of course, you should also make sure that the app is legitimate.

Blackberry Casino Apps

The best casino Apps are mostly only available for Android or iOS. Is there an app for Blackberry cell phones, you can usually only get them directly on the website of the Arcade - there is a link there that you can click on on your smartphone got to.

How to get online casino apps on your own PC?

Ever since Windows 10 became more popular, there is now also apps for the official PC. For older versions of Windows PCs, these are called these still "programs". Many casinos don't just offer programs and apps for your own smartphone, but also have your own software that you can be downloaded to the PC.

While that's not necessarily useful when you're on the go want to play, but you can get this software from the German gambling halls download it to your own laptop and install it there. So you can with yourself play on the computer while on the go. Make sure, however, that the casino apps are free and no money is required for it - then it is usually a question of fraud.

Downloading these programs is easy - man you can simply download it from the casino's website and then how install other programs on the PC.

Is the gameplay different in the best casino apps? than on the PC?

When playing on the PC on the Internet with the When comparing mobile apps, there are quite a few differences. You can do both Cases use the same account, but there are some other conditions and Differences to be considered:

  • Slots: Often the mobile apps do not offer the entire range of games in the arcade. This means that many apps have not been optimized for mobile gaming and, for example, can only be played on certain resolutions. That is one reason why not all slots may be available on the mobile version.
  • Other games: In addition to the slots already mentioned, it may also be that there are no other games in the mobile casino apps of the German gambling halls. Often the live games like poker and graphically more complex games like 3D slots are not available on the mobile version.
  • Data consumption: It should also be mentioned that you need a data connection to access the arcade app on the go. An internet connection is very important for the registration and the live update of the account balance. However, these days there are some mobile casino apps that can also be used offline if you want to play for fun.

Playing with mobile apps on the go is therefore worthwhile, but is associated with some restrictions. Still, you can do a lot with it have fun!

Real money casino app bonuses

There are many German gambling halls that offer bonuses for new ones Offer to customers or existing players. These bonuses are for example Free spins or more money when you deposit a certain amount. Unfortunately there there are no additional bonuses for downloading a casino's app.

The best casino Apps allow the player to create a new account directly there. One does that, then you get the welcome bonus of the respective casino - for For example, Casino Rizk offers 50 free spins when you sign up and Pays money. The bonuses of course vary depending on the arcade.

Which games and software providers are in mobile casino Apps available?

The available games and software providers differ As already mentioned, often from those who are on the actual website of the Casinos are available. Which differences there are exactly depends on the Casino. If the gambling hall in Canada is providers such as BetSoft or NetEnt offers, then the games from these well-known providers are usually also on the mobile version available, as we could see in our Casino Apps test. The same applies to well-known and popular games. Only lesser-known games and providers are often not available because they were not developed for the mobile interface were.


Every casino has a mobile app?

No, many casinos actually don't offer a mobile app at. In the meantime, this is still the exception, as the games in general need to be redeveloped for cell phones. But the offer is increasing slowly.

Better to play on the app or at home?

It all depends on the situation; you are at home, then of course you should play on the PC. But if you are on the go, then the casino app is a good choice for playing and winning away from your own PC.

These apps cost something?

No, these apps are basically free and can can be used with no hidden costs or contractual terms. I want one Amusement arcade have money for it, then you should be very careful because here it is often fraud.