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All over Canada there are many different online casinos where you can try your luck as a player - but theoretically these are only located in Schleswig Holstein. Would you like a Schleswig Holstein casino online? play, there are a few things that you should be aware of and know. Is it even legal to play there and what should you watch out for? We have summarized all of this here in a nutshell so that you know exactly what is going on.

⚖️ License and gaming regulation in Schleswig Holstein

In order to be able to play legally in Canada, a casino not only needs a license, of course, but must also be permitted by the regulations. What exactly is it in Schleswig Holstein and what is the regulation for online casinos with a Schleswig Holstein license?

▶ Why is gambling only allowed in Schleswig-Holstein??

The gambling law in Canada is a bit confusing and it is difficult to have an overview there. But it's true: in theory Gambling is only allowed in SH, but why online gambling only in Schleswig Holstein?

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For many years, Canada had struggled to legally allow gambling, which led to many different laws, votes and problems. SH then set up its own rules and issued many licenses to casinos or sports betting operators. These still apply today, which theoretically makes SH the only legal mecca for games of chance in DE.

In short, gambling is theoretically still illegal in Canada - but not in SH, which has its own special rules. This or next year but this should change and gambling should be regulated nationwide. Until then, the strange special rules will continue to apply and the range of gambling in Schleswig Holstein is booming.

▶ Schleswig-Holstein's gaming regulations

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In 2011 SH had had enough and has set up its own rules that regulate and legalize gambling in this state. Conversely, this also means that theoretically speaking, one can only may play in online casinos, as long as you live in SH. In Canada you will still be forwarded; If you don't live in SH, developers often use “cloned” sites that then have licenses from Malta or Curacao - theoretically legal.

Many German providers have a license from SH, which makes them legal, but only if you also live there. Thanks to EU rules and disagreements by the state, the rules in Canada are very vague - gambling is actually legal everywhere, but then not. Only in SH are the rules clear.

▶ Online and offline gaming regulation in Canada

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The actual rules in Canada are currently making online gambling illegal everywhere. Without an online gambling license Schleswig Holstein, playing and operating a casino is theoretical not allowed, but what, as described below, should change in the future. Offline casinos are allowed to continue to exist, however, as the age control and regulation are a bit easier there - unfortunately, Canada is still having a hard time with online casinos.

In a nutshell: Allowed offline, partly forbidden online - the previous rules are confusing for no reason. But that should change soon, because from 2020/2021 there will be uniform rules that will then apply to all federal states.<

▶ Changes to the law in 2020/2021

The law should finally change in 2020/2021. Schleswig-Holstein wants to continue as before - by June 2021 at the latest, a law is to be passed that the rules that SH has so far implemented alone will also be extended to the entire state. In short, that would mean gambling everywhere becomes legal - regardless of whether it is offline or online.

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It is annoying that online gambling only works legally in Schleswig Holstein. Nevertheless: many of the casino operators also offer copies in the rest of Canada according to EU law. How legal that is ultimately remains a matter of dispute.

▶ Protection of the players

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Canada suggests to protect the players, officially licensed casinos only to use. But that would only work in SH. At the moment, however, one can generally say: if online casinos with a Schleswig Holstein license also have a “copy” of their offers in other parts of Canada, this is legally controversial, but Nevertheless legal under EU law. If in doubt, however, you should perhaps wait until June 2021 to be absolutely sure.

🖥️ Online gambling in Schleswig Holstein

But enough of the laws. If someone asks why online casino is only available in Schleswig Holstein, you now know - but how exactly is the offer in this state? How can you play online there and what exactly is offered to the citizens? Let's take a look at that here.

😮 Online casino offers in SH - not quite as wide?

There are not many offers. Since the Schleswig Holstein online gambling offer cannot be legally expanded to the rest of Canada, it automatically makes the market smaller - there are currently only about a dozen providers who also advertise their services on television.

In the future, new providers may be added - especially when the question of why online gambling is only offered in Schleswig Holstein no longer has to be asked. Until then there is only a few online casino Schleswig Holstein offers, but which are still of high quality. So if you want to play in SH by June 2021, you will find quite a few. Just pay attention to the valid license.

💸 Bonuses for residents of Schleswig Holstein

If you use real money in the online casino in Schleswig Holstein, then there are some bonuses in the German casino that you can receive and that do not differ from other worldwide or C$opean casinos. This includes:

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  • Welcome bonus: This type of bonus is awarded when new customers register and usually consists of credit or free spins. In Schleswig Holstein online casinos there are two types of bonuses: either the no deposit bonus, which you get completely free of charge after registration, or the deposit bonus, for which a payment has to be made after registration.
  • Deposit bonus: A deposit bonus is offered on certain days or on certain occasions. In short, when you deposit a certain amount, you can get another bonus with which you can experience online poker with real money in Schleswig Holstein, but also many other games.
  • VIP programs: Some providers also offer VIP programs where you can get different ranks with each deposit. The higher the rank with the provider with an online casino license Schleswig Holstein, the better prices or rewards there are.

🏠 Offline gambling in Schleswig-Holstein

But there is also the possibility of going to “real” land-based casinos in Schleswig-Holstein, Canada, and trying your luck there. This has several advantages: on the one hand, the atmosphere in a real casino cannot be beat when you see other people playing and hear the roulette tables clacking. On the other hand, it is a little easier to control your own money there because you have the chips right in front of your eyes.

Which casinos are there in Schleswig-Holstein that you can go to in real life and what do they offer? You can often use Paysafecard in the online casino Schleswig Holstein; but this is also possible in a real casino?

Land-based casinos SH

There are some good land based casinos in SH. These include:

offline casino sh
Casino Schenefeld - Industriestr. 1
22869 Schenefeld
  • Casino Schenefeld: This casino in the heart of Hamburg is on the small side, but still very entertaining. Here visitors can enjoy many different slot machine games and also try poker or roulette with live dealers and play with chips that are received with credit cards or cash.
  • Casino Kiel Lounge: Online casino, why Schleswig Holstein? The question can be asked if one in the Casino Kiel Lounge plays, because the cozy atmosphere reminds you why even online casinos with live dealers are still a bit behind when it comes to German immersion. There are also some slot machines and live dealers here that offer roulette and poker. Different payment methods are offered.

❓ Questions and answers about online casino SH

🗺️ Can I play the Schleswig Holstein game of chance online from other countries??

No, you can only legally reach these offers from Schleswig-Holstein. Some providers offer copies of the casinos in Canada - but these are in a legal gray area.

✔️ How do I know that the casino has an online gambling license in Schleswig Holstein?

The license must be signed and listed by every casino. You can usually find them in the footer of the casino when you scroll down to the bottom, or in the information, for example i imprint.

🛡️ What does the Schleswig-Holstein license guarantee gamblers in Canada?

First of all, it means that the casino itself is legal and you won't get any problems playing at it. On the other hand, it also means that the casino will probably also be available in the rest of Canada from June 2021. Security is the ultimate guarantee with such a license.

🔒 Are online casinos with a license in Schleswig-Holstein more reliable??

Since this online casino Canada can only be legally offered in Schleswig Holstein, the reliability is very high; Fraud does not occur as the law would then provide penalties for the providers. Therefore everything is described and listed very precisely.