German online casinos with a minimum deposit of 3 C$os

As the range of casinos continues to expand, there are plenty of providers trying to innovate in the market. The casinos with a minimum deposit of 3 C$os belong to. These casinos go against the grain and are interesting as a casino with 3 C$o deposit for both beginners and professional players.

This is also worthwhile for the casinos: more customers are attracted and can try out the various games for little money.

Various German casinos offer a minimum deposit of 3 C$os. Including:

  • Sunmaker
  • Sunny Player Casino
  • Stake7
  • …and many more!

Which deposit methods do German casinos have with a 3 C$o deposit??


The Paysafecard is popular with many German providers. Some casino providers also use this payment option. For an online casino with a minimum deposit of 3 C$os However, the payment method is often a little too much, as you have to deposit at least 10 C$os with a Paysafecard.

Bank Transfer

The bank transfer is with most casino providers, which require a minimum deposit of 3 C$ offer, available. However, since the bank account often first has to be verified and there are sometimes fees, a payment of only 3 C$os often makes no sense and you should deposit a little more.


Similar to PayPal, Skrill is a payment method that makes it easy to pay online. This payment method is not always available, but it is a good alternative to bank transfer when possible, as it often does not require verification.


Like Skrill, Neteller is a way of transferring money over the Internet. Casinos from 3 C$os deposit do not always offer this payment method, but like Skrill, Neteller is a good idea for depositing little money.

Bitcoin and other payment methods in the 3 C$o Casino

Few casinos offer Bitcoin (BTC) as a payment method. The casinos with a low deposit threshold where you deposit C$ 3 in the casino offer BTC very rarely. Other payment methods vary; PayPal can often be used to pay small amounts, but it is not always offered.

How can you in the German casino with a 3 C$o minimum deposit withdraw money?

Most of the above payment methods are available, but the amount of money you need to withdraw before you withdraw it varies widely. Bitcoin, for example, has a different payout threshold than, for example, bank transfer. This amount generally varies from casino to casino.

Which payout method in the German 3 C$o minimum deposit casino is the fastest?

The fastest methods are those who have their own "Internet account" and do not have to go through the bank account first. These include PayPal, Skrill and Neteller. The bank transfer and credit card take a little longer, but are generally a bit safer and you can make sure that the money is deposited directly into the account. The payout via Bitcoin in the online casino with C$ 3 deposit varies depending on the "Bitcoin Wallet".

What is the safest payment method in the 3 C$o Casino?

In the casino with three C$os Payment, the safest methods are bank account withdrawals or credit card withdrawals. The security standards are very high here and the money is transferred directly to your own account with both methods.

Which games are in the German 3 C$o Casino available?


In most casinos, slots are at the heart of the games on offer. As with other casinos, 3 C$os are casinos so a large amount of slots are offered. Thanks to the low deposit limit, you can try this out quickly and invest back any profit or (depending on the withdrawal limit) withdraw it immediately.

Table and card games

Table and card games are also available in the 3 C$o Casino available in Canada. With a minimum deposit of 3 C$os, however, it is difficult to clear higher profits there. Nevertheless: as a practice, smaller bets are also extremely worthwhile.

Live dealer casino games

Many casino games are accompanied live by a dealer; Such games include, for example, roulette or some dice games. Here, too, there are similar concerns as with table and card games: it is good to bet smaller amounts as a practice, but you will get a lot without betting higher amounts in the casino with a deposit of 3 C$os or more not win.

What bonuses and promotions can you get as a German player in the 3 C$o deposit casino expect?

Welcome bonuses in the German casino with a minimum deposit of 3 C$os

The bonuses often do not differ from those that can be found in the "normal" casino. Often times, casinos offer 3 C$os even offer small welcome bonuses to help new customers explore the casino. A good example is a C$ 15 bonus on registration or the first C$ 3 deposit.

Special offers in the 3 C$o Casino

In addition to the above-mentioned bonus for the first deposit or registration, German casinos offer C$ 3 first deposits also offer other special offers. For example, some casinos make it possible to only pay C$ 1 in your first deposit, but to receive a bonus of C$ 10 or C$ 15.

Due to the low entry volume, many German players also decide to create multiple accounts in such casinos. This allows you to activate other special offers without having to pay a lot.

What is the difference between the minimum bet and the minimum deposit?

These two terms sound similar, but differ in one key aspect. With the minimum bet in a 3 C$o minimum deposit casino it is the minimum amount that you have to wager in a game (for example slots) in order to be able to play. The minimum deposit, on the other hand, describes the minimum amount that you have to deposit into your own account if you want to top up money.

Playing German casino games with a 3 C$o deposit on the smartphone

The advantages of playing in the 3 C$o Casino on the smartphone

The advantage of playing on the smartphone is mobility. With an internet connection, you can access your own account and your favorite games from anywhere at any time. Many slots and card games have now also been optimized for the smartphone, which is a similar gaming experience in the casino with a minimum deposit of 3 C$os makes possible.

Casino and payment methods - all on one device

Another advantage of playing casino games in the 3 C$o minimum deposit casino is that both payment methods and the casino itself are combined on the device. You can access the games with your mobile phone and pay from your device at the same time - either with Google / Apple Pay or another saved payment method.

The license of the mobile online casino check

Checking the license is especially important at casinos that only have one app. The license should be listed in the imprint or the terms and conditions. At casinos that also have an Internet presence, you can usually find them at the bottom of the website.


  • I have fewer options with paying less money?

The chance of winning remains the same; only the profit is of course slightly lower when you deposit less money.

  • Can I also pay less than 3 C$os in the casino numbers?

Yes, some casinos even offer payments for 2 or even 1 C$o; however, this is often only possible as part of a bonus campaign.

  • Can I withdraw less than 10 C$os?

Most payment methods require you to withdraw at least 10 C$os. Exceptions depend on the casino; usually Bitcoin falls under it.

  • Can I use the real money casino with a C$ 3 deposit? play on all devices?

Most 3 C$o casinos are available in Canada on both PCs and smartphones. Sometimes there are even special apps.