How to find the highest chance of winning casino?

In a German casino there is a lot that makes the player very happy - great games, many different bonuses and ease of use are part of it. In the end, every player dreams of actually winning once and  To take the big money home with you. But how exactly does this work and which game of chance has the best chance of winning, there is a chance of winning comparison and how can you ever get the highest chance of winning online casino Find? We will briefly address all of these questions and more here - so that you always have a very high chance of finding the next win.

high chance of winning in the casino

🏆 Online casino with a high chance of winning - the best examples

Fortunately, there are so many different casinos and games of chance in Canada that it is easy to answer questions like “which game of chance do you have the greatest chance of winning?”. There are a lot of gambling halls in Canada, but we have listed the best casinos here in our list. So you can easily find online gambling halls that offer a very high chance of winning and play there.

💯 The high chance of winning online casino - how do you get the best chances in the online casino?

There are a few things that you can consider in a German online casino in order to better understand your own chances of winning - above all the so-called RTP value. How exactly this works and how it helps, the chance of winning in gambling odds comparison to understand, we explain that here.

How does RTP chance to win?

casino rtp chance to win

In short, RTP stands for "Return To Player", that is what the player gets back. This value can also be described as the chance of a payout. In a German amusement arcade, this value describes how much (in percent) the player gets back on average from a bet.

So if you bet a total of C$ 100 on a slot in the online casino with high chances of winning has an RTP of 96%, the player receives an average of C$ 96 back after the bet of C$ 100. But since this is just an average, the “real” value can be way below or above it - it's just an average guideline.

As a gamer, how can you benefit from understanding the RTP??

If you want the casino with the highest chance of winning use, then you should only try games that also have a very high RTP. The higher the percentage, the more money you get back in theory. A high value for the RTP should mean higher profits on average. Slots with high RTP, for example, often have many bonus rounds or opportunities for free spins that increase the average.

play with a high chance of winning

So look for casino games with the highest chance of winning - high RTP is a very good place to start. This is how you can consistently win a lot of money; a little luck is still necessary.

🎲 Which casino games have the best chances in the online casino?

casino games with the best chances of winning

Now, of course, the one question that is most important here in Canada arises: which casino games now offer the highest chances of winning? So which games should you concentrate on in an online casino if you want to consistently have the chance of a high profit??

There are many different games in a casino; we've gone through these once and offer examples of high-chance casino games at.

🎰 Slots - casino games with a high chance of winning

slots best chance of winning

Slots have been enormously popular for many years and there is hardly a German or even international casino that does not offer any slots. Slots usually even form the majority of the games that are offered in a casino. What about the general RTP here?

The slot machine is available as a casino game with the highest chance of winning very good there. While the RTP values ​​are slightly different from slot to slot, you generally have a very good chance of finding a high RTP value with a slot machine. These are usually at least 95%, sometimes even 96 or 97; it goes even higher. Examples are Mega Joker from NetEnt with an average RTP of 99% or Starbust with an RTP of 96%.

slot machines with a high chance of winning

Before playing a new slot machine, you should always read the RTP first. So you can quickly find the casino game with the greatest chance of winning and can then concentrate fully on the game itself.

🃏 Table games and card games - the highest odds

card games chances of winning

Table and card games are a separate topic. RTP is a bit more difficult here because many table and card games are designed not only for luck but also for skill - blackjack and poker are two very popular examples. How much money you win in these games often also depends on the player. The odds comparison So there is something wrong with the slots, as both poker and blackjack are heavily dependent on one's own skills.

So if you want to play these games, you should know the particular card or table game very well. This is a very easy way of increasing your chances of winning.

🎯 Roulette in the high chance of winning online casino

roulette best chances of winning

Last but not least, roulette is also a very popular game in Canada. Here you have to bet on different colors and / or numbers and then hope that the ball will roll on the color or number that you bet on. It is a pure game of chance that can lead to wins as well as losses very quickly.

Unlike slots, there is generally no RTP in roulette. What is often used here is the so-called ROI, ie "Return On Investment". This calculates how much money you actually won in the end. All you have to do is keep the money wagered in your head and look at the total value at the end. If you end up with C$ 220 in your pocket with a deposit of C$ 200, you have made 10% profit. As a casino game with the highest chance of winning So roulette does not count; you simply have to rely on your own luck to be able to win a lot here.

💸 How do bonuses affect the chance of winning in the online casino with high chances of winning??

In Canada many players ask themselves again and again whether bonuses influence the chance of winning in a certain casino game. The answer is: not directly, but indirectly. But what exactly does that mean??

casino bonus best chance of winning

When you register in a new casino and in the casino the highest chance of winning want to use, then you will certainly grab a bonus. Many casinos offer either a no deposit bonus (for example credit or free spins) or a percentage bonus on the first deposit upon registration. Sometimes the first few deposits are also increased.

With this money you can start playing right away. The bonus itself does not affect the chance of winning; a slot has the same RTP both with and without a bonus and the winnings will always be the same. This is ensured by the so-called RNG, or “Random Number Generator”, which offers the same chance of winning or losing with every spin.

casino high chance of winning bonus

Yet; indirectly, a bonus affects the profit itself, if not the chance. This is because that when using bonuses in the high chance of winning online casino must first exceed a certain betting limit before a payout can take place. Instead of being able to withdraw immediately when you win, in this case you have to wager a certain amount of money first.

How high this amount is depends on the size of the bonuses. Here you should always read the bonus terms and conditions before playing so that you can play the casino games with a high chance of winning without any surprises.

❓ Questions and answers on the topic of high chances of winning in online casinos

🤔 How can I tell this is a high chance casino?

Casinos with a high chance of winning are usually characterized by the fact that they offer many slots with a high RTP. RTP indicates how much you as a player get back on average from your own bet. If you like and are good at poker or blackjack, you can win a lot here too.

🤑 Which is the casino game with the greatest chance of winning??

Slots are definitely the German casino game with the greatest chances of winning if you just want to be lucky - look for slots with an RTP of 97% or more. If you can play poker or blackjack, then you should sit down at these tables, because these games require less luck and still offer high winnings - the chance increases with your skills.

💰 Are my chances of winning higher when using a bonus??

No, a bonus does not directly affect the chances of winning. But if you get a high bonus on a deposit, you can play more and have more chances - indirectly, the chances of winning the entire bonus are slightly higher, but the individual chances remain the same with every spin of the slot.