Online casinos without download 2021 - an extensive list

Nowadays there are many online offers that can be accessed from the comfort of your own home. In Canada, too, the so-called online casinos are without download arrived - you can call it up on the Internet and then play immediately. How exactly do they work? We show this clearly here. If you are looking for such a casino, we have reputable online casinos with no download here listed.

🤔 How exactly do the online casinos work without a download?

While 20 years ago it was still customary to go to a real, land-based casino to play games of chance, nowadays it is possible to experience games of chance on the Internet without any problems - in the so-called no download casinos. There you can play casino online without a download, which is becoming more and more popular in Canada.

How do the instant play casinos work??

instant play casinos without download

These casinos are often also called instant play casinos, as it is possible to access the provider's offer immediately. All that is necessary is a quick and short registration and off you go. You can get real money in the online casino without a download pay and win real money too.

There is no magic behind how it works: all you need is an internet connection. Then you can choose an exciting casino from our list and start the registration process. If you are successfully registered and have deposited some money online, you can start playing in the German arcade.

How can you sign up in the online casino for free without a download to register?

  • First, you need to find the right arcade for yourself. We have a few reputable online no download casinos in our list listed; there is sure to be one for you. If you have found one, click on the link and then on "Register" or "Login".
  • After that you have to provide some data. In Canada, this includes a user name, a password, your own email address and a date of birth.
  • After registration, an identity check usually has to be carried out. This is the only way to make withdrawals and, in some cases, deposits. All you need is a valid identification document. This test is usually done in seconds.
  • That was it! Now you can play casino games for free with no download play and also use real money.

🎲 Which games can you play in the casino online without a download??

The range of games that can be accessed on the Internet is enormous - there is often an even greater selection in the online casino than in the land-based casinos. In the online casino free of charge without download it is often possible to play; so you can test the various slots and machines in peace. But which games are now available?

HTML5 based games

Most modern gambling halls in Canada use what is known as HTML5 - a technology that has replaced Flash. HTML5 has several advantages: the games are technically more impressive and can be played on different devices without loss of graphics or other technical problems.

html games no download

So if you play one of the casino games for free without a download on the PC and it is created with HTML5, this game can also be played on the tablet or smartphone without any problems. The graphics and the interface then adapt perfectly to the smaller screen.

Almost all modern games, even those that can be found in the casino online without registration and without downloading are programmed with HTML5. These include, for example, slots and slot machines, various live games, but also instant games such as bingo or the lottery.

Flash based games

Slightly older casinos usually still have Flash and have not yet fully made the step to HTML5. Flash is practically the forerunner to HTML5. If you play on the PC, you will often not notice any difference; in Canada both games play almost the same in this case. However, flash-based games cannot be played on the phone or tablet.

Older slots or live games based on Flash can only be played on the PC. Since Flash will soon be completely replaced, the casino games will be free without a download and the paid online casino games will soon only use HTML5.

📌 Download casinos vs. online casinos without download - the main features

There are some differences between the two casino solutions - even though the no-download casino has almost superseded the download casino these days, there are still a few copies. What are the characteristics?

Download casinos ...

  • can be downloaded and often played offline.
  • are safe because the games run in their own app and their own data is not shared on the Internet.
  • you are not tied to the web browser and the games can run with a higher resolution and better details.

No-Download Casinos ...

  • are very safe, as the online casinos nowadays use secure SSL encryption to secure their own details - so you can get real money in the online casino without downloading pay safely.
  • are always up to date, as you play directly in the web browser - an update is not necessary and you always have access to the latest games.
  • it is easier to test different online providers before deciding on the best one, as no download is required.
play without downloading

📱 Play casino online without a download on other devices

Nowadays it is even possible to play the latest games in the casino on the go - either on your smartphone or your own tablet. How does it work? Quite simply: as already mentioned, most gambling halls use HTML5. This means that many German casinos can also be used on the go.

on mobile casino no download

To the online casino for free with no download To use it on the go, it is often sufficient to surf the casino website with your mobile phone or tablet via a browser. Then you can log in as usual and start playing.

Some German casinos also offer an app. These can either be downloaded from the store of the respective mobile phone or found on the website of the arcade. So you can play on the go and win winnings!

💸 The bonuses in online casinos without download - a brief overview

One of the main reasons why online casinos have increased in popularity in recent years is the so-called bonuses - i.e. advantages that you can get when playing or paying. Casino Free Spins No Deposit No Download - that sounds good, but there are many other types of bonuses. We have put these together briefly.

The online casino bonus without deposit and download in Canada

bonus 100% no download

Many of the bonuses offered in German casinos are the so-called no deposit bonuses. So you can in the online casino without downloading with starting credit start playing. A no deposit bonus, as the name suggests, gives the player a bonus without having to deposit any money at all - mostly credits or free spins. All you need is a registration in order to be able to use the online casino with starting credit without a download to play.

Match bonus on deposit

Another popular bonus is the so-called match bonus. As a casino bonus without deposit and download but this does not apply; money actually has to be paid in here. The casino “matches” a certain amount of the amount. So if there is a 100% bonus on a deposit of C$ 50, you can receive up to C$ 100. But there are also some free spins here.

play without downloading

Free spins as a bonus in the No Download Casino

Last but not least, there are often free or additional free spins available. These either count as no deposit casino free spins without downloading or are added to a deposit. Free spins are very popular in German gambling halls, because they allow you to try out slots without problems. If you combine this bonus in the casino with star credit without deposit without download, you can save a lot of money.

❓ Questions and answers about online casino without download

▷ Should I register in online casinos without downloading?

Yes; playing online is easy these days and all you need is an internet connection. You can test online casino games for free without downloading with play money and also use real money to play.

💰 Can I withdraw real money in online casinos without a download?

As soon as you have won money, you can withdraw it (from a certain amount and depending on the betting limit of the bonuses) in the German gambling hall.

☝ Are there any technical requirements for playing in casinos without a download?

No - all you need is a PC and an internet connection to start playing in the online casino for free without a download.

🃏 Are there games that can be played both without download and with download?

Yes, most online games can also be downloaded - for example as an app on a mobile phone or tablet. A quick Google search should be able to help there.